The Third wave of coronavirus will be more dangerous than the second wave.

The second wave of coronavirus is not yet over and the fear of the third wave also started because this time we saw how badly the second wave hits the country and this second wave is more deadly than the previous one by thinking this everyone is worried about the third wave,

So far, the second wave of Coronavirus in the country has created an outcry. And between this, the indication of the third wave of Corona is yet to come. Who has scared everyone, But there is nothing to fear. You have to keep yourself ready and took all the necessary precautions, you have to alert yourself. Because we all see we were very carefree on the second wave, so we have to take every precaution and not too carefree on the third wave. Let me tell you that the effect of the third wave is directly on the children.

In the third wave of coronavirus, the children can become the pangs of this epidemic. In the last 24 hours, after the arrival of 4,14,188 new cases of corona infection, the total number of positive cases has increased to 2,14,91,598. At the same time, after 3,915 new deaths, the total number of deaths has increased to 2,34,083.

According to media reports, the third wave of coronavirus can also be started from Maharashtra. At present, there is no scientific consensus that the third wave of Corona can be started. According to the news, the third wave of corona may start between July and September.

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In anticipation of the third wave, preparations have already been started at the government level in Maharashtra. According to Dr. Jhuma Shankar of Delhi AIIMS, feed the food prepared at home to the children. Along with this, the intake of fruits and vegetables more in their meal. If the child insists or they want to eat outside, then explain to them that how dangerous this food is for him at this time. Children should also wear masks to avoid corona infection. Do not let them get out of the house to play. It is important to avoid knowing with children in any public places, functions, or other events.

In these places the risk of spreading the infection is high. The age group population, ranging from 0 to 18 years, is 30% of the total population of the country. In this population, herd immunity can not be ready until then. Unless there is vaccination and if there is no vaccination, then in the third wave, children will become the carrier of infection and infect others. How much wait for the vaccine of the children, if the experts believe, the pediatric trial of such a vaccine will not take much time.

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