Lucknow Girl Arrested For Beating Cab Driver | Watch the full video on social media platforms

Lucknow Girl Arrested For Beating Cab Driver: Recently a video gets viral on social media where a girl beating a cab driver at a red light. The video or the place where the incidents happen is from Lucknow. firstly, the girl complaint and lodged a fir against the driver but after the original video gets viral where the reality is seen public urges for justice for the cab driver by sharing the video on social media, people are coming out in the support of the cab driver and the trend of #arrestedlukhnowgirl[ Lucknow Girl Arrested ] has started and ranked at the top on the Twitter.

After the original footage of the incident leaked, UP Police took an action and filed an FIR against the girl for beating the cab driver, FIR against the Lucknow now the girl has been filled at Krishna Nagar police station on Monday.

After this incident happens the video went viral on social media where we saw that the girl beating the cab driver after that one more video viral where we sewen the original incident that the trend viral on Twitter for arresting the girl public urge to arrest the girl.

In the girl’s response, she said that they get some minor injuries when she crossed the road and the cab driver drives the car rashly, when this incident took place in the cab there were three passengers who were sitting in the car when this all things happened.

Poice refused to reveal the identity of both the cab driver and the girl.

Video of the incident viral on various social media platforms where various people show their views and the trend on Twitter for #arrestedlukhnowgirl hits and the voice for the support of the cab driver boys started.

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