Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) Teaser, Official website, Privacy policy & Trailer

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new name of Pubg mobile India, recently all of us get to know the status of Pubg Mobile India known as Battlegrounds Mobile India, officials made the announcement of teaser and updated its youtube channel name and the published Privacy policy page into their official website in which they clearly mention the terms &condtiona and their policies regarding servers, data storage and other.

We all were awake that last year Indian government restrict the Pubg mobile game in India after that everyone is waiting to get their game back since the date when game ban there nothing official news come except the teaser which was released in the same year but after that nothing comes from the developer, but now everything is openly revealed we get our game back with his new name Battlegrounds Mobile India with his own Indian server and their own Indian version.

the developers and the company changed their website logo and delete all the old posts from their official website. developers also changed the privacy policy in terms of data security as we discussed the developer changed and update their complete list of the privacy policies. You can easily check out the privacy policy by clicking on the privacy policy page on their official website

In the new privacy policy, Krafton categorized the information into three major divisions. the first division is the information comes directly from the user. The second part is the automatic collection of information of the user and the information of your current version which is running on your device, and the third part is collecting all the information by the third parties. the policy also gave more information about their policies and they state that the data and our personal information is secured and kept on the servers of Singapore and India.

according to the rumors, the game is only be played by users who are 18 or above. and they set a limit of the purchase from the in-game store of up to hers the all information regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India), when the game launched we would likely to see the new tournaments and the new events which are basically based on Indian festive and other occasions we likely to see the new skin of cars gun which has some Indian touch in them.

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