Apple iPhone 13 Release Date, Price, Availability, Cameras, Rumours and More

According to the rumours, if everything good then its excepted to see a release of the iPhone 13, New iPhone 13 is rumoured to be launched in the month of September. as we heading towards September its excepted to see more rumours about the launch or details of iPhone 13.last year out of 4 apple launches its 3 iPhone with new technology, upgraded version and the upgraded quality which makes the iPhone sexier and iPhone 12 given good sales to the company. the latest iPhone 12 launched with fully upgraded features and even we see that in the box the charger brick or earphone was not given by Apple only charging cable was there.

A per Rumours, iPhone 13 includes the four model, there were very interesting rumours regarding the model line up of the phone 13, it’s except that we saw iPhone 13,iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max same like as iPhone 12 model line up but this time structure, features and many more were not same as iPhone 12 models. but there is much news which states that this time iPhone 13 name would be iPhone 12s if this happens then the listing changes to the iPhone 12s series with all pro and non-pro models.

Let’s talk about the look of future phones as per the things that come till now

The rumours tell that there will be no changes to see in the size of the phones because Apple already reached its maximum height and the screen size in the pro model is already huge if they change something it get uncomfortable for the users to use the the phones come in the same size like in 12 lineup-5.4-inch for iPhone mini, a 6.1-inch for the base model, a 6.1-inch for Pro model, and at last a 6.7-inch for pro max model

As per the news, the iPhone mini not gave their good impact on the customers as their sales is not up to mark, but still, apple thinks to launch the mini model in 13 series.

The thickness of the phone will increase by 0.25mm, this time company work on the battery they want to give good battery life due to which this time the phone getting heavier because of the battery. The camera at the back in the base model comes with a different layout as the previous series it comes straight but this time it excepted to come diagonal yet there is no news were there. but there is something unique coming that’s why there are no strong leaks come till now.

The iPhone 13 Pro will be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro. notches of this new phone will smaller than the iPhone 12 pro max Face ID transmitter rumoured to get made of plastic this time.

Have a look at the design of the new iPhone

The phone is expected to be portless at this time, the company already removed the earphone port so this time it is expected to have a poreless iPhone or to have a wireless charger in the box. by this there is a huge change we saw at the bottom of the phone.

On-screen touch id is to be seen in this model its get convenient for the users to easily unlock their phone, there will be an A15 processor with the new chip. the connectivity support 5G Chip and WiFi 6E. storage n the mobile phone will be 1TB Maximum Storage.

so, that’s all with this article about the Apple iPhone 13.

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